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Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Is blogging an important part of search engine optimization? Does a bear sit (sic) in the woods? Yes! Blogs are really important! Blogs add interactivity, increase traffic and are a good place for search engines to pick up relevant keywords and content. Comments, trackbacks and RSS feeds can only provide an increase in traffic to your website

Blogs came about due to the respect that search engines give to web pages that frequently update their content. It is generally not practical to update your webpage daily, so that is where a blog comes in.

A blog at its best is optimized with keywords and relevant content so that it will be indexed, categorized and ranked by a search engine. If dogs are man's best friend, then blogs are a search engine optimizer's best friend. Blogs are loyal, do what their told and can perform many seo tricks for your website.

Blogs can turn an otherwise search engine unfriendly site into a dynamic interactive place where people love to visit and link to. It is important to keep in mind that blogs are not a magical solution. Blogs require hard work and know how, but the payoff can be very significant. For blogs to be successful, a lot of time must be devoted to them. Having just a few posts on the blog and leaving it vacant may have an adverse effect on the site because users may see it is unprofessional. Therefore, it makes no sense to have a blog at all unless it is regularly updated with relevant material.

Blogs present a platform where companies can communicate in a credible, personalized voice. "Blog optimization" has carved out its own niche within search engine optimization.

A blog is a search engine optimizer's dream. The content is structured, categorized, and appearance is able to manipulated through themes and widgets. Search engine spiders easily algorithmically find and crawl blog content which can produce more traffic.

Blogs can link deep within websites making them beneficial for ranking when it comes to long tail phrases. Blogs link easily to eachother and due to their dynamic content easily transition to social media web sites. Blogs not only support text, but easily integrate audio and video and are easily syndicated through RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Widgets and plugins make blogs easy to share and they encourage links and drive traffic.

Fresh content is crawled more frequently by search engines and RSS feeds and comments encourage repeat visits which are rewarded by search engines. Blogs can create a community of users and can reach visitors that never would have found your static website.

All in all, these are some practical reasons of how a blog can be beneficial to a site as both a search optimization tool and for improved web site traffic.

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