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SEO Important™ Case Studies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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If you are asking yourself "Is SEO important?" Then you are still not convinced about the importance of SEO. Feel free to check out our search engine optimization case studies to see concrete SEO results.  

Rush Passport

Overview: Rush Passport™came to SEO Important™ with an aggressive pay-per-click strategy. They expressed interest in launching an organic SEO campaign. Their site was not optimized for search engine optimization due to many factors such as flash navigation / embedded text, titles of pages and virtually non-existent keywords, metatags, titles, headers and alt tags.

Goals: To successfully launch an organic SEO campaign and to achieve page 1 search results on Google for selected keywords and phrases.

Strategy: SEO campaign to include blog and redesign of site with attention to keywords, navigation, text, titles, metatags, headers and alt tags.

Results: The results so far have been nothing short of amazing. In just 3 months, their traffic increased by 25%. The blog is drawing over 6,000 visitors each month. In New York City, see for yourself - go to Google and type in the word "passports." Of the 15 million results, Rush Passport™ is first listing in the organic search above both the Department of State and the US Postal Service. Google query of 'passports'.

rush passport

World of Discovery Day Camp

Overview: World of Discovery, based on visitor feedback determined that information and downloadable forms were not user-friendly or easy to find. In addition, World of Discovery Day Camp wanted to increase their search engine page results with respect to the specific keywords: 'camps queens' . SEO Important™ analyzed the website from both a user-friendly and an SEO perspective. Navigation links were written in a size 12 font that did not stand out to users. Keywords were sporatically placed throughout the pages.

Goals: To create a more user-friendly design for visitors and to increase search engine result page rank in Google for a search of 'camps queens'.

Strategy: SEO Important™ designed new roll over navigation buttons that stood out. Titles, metatags, descriptions and content were optimized on all existing web pages and keywords were strategically placed throughout the site.

Results: SEO Important™ created navigation buttons that stand out, resulting in a more user-friendly design. Out of over 1.3 million, World of Discovery Day Camp is not only on page 1, but is #1 overall in a Google query of 'camps queens'.


Poor Freddie's Tire Center

Overview: Poor Freddie's Tire Center is the largest Tire Center in Queens, NY. Their website was not reflective of their success in the real world. They wanted to increase their search engine page results with respect to the specific keywords: 'tires queens' . SEO Important™ analyzed the website from an SEO perspective. After an assessment of the website, the SEO Important™ team found that the desired keywords were not placed in a manner that maximized exposure and usage.

Goal: To get Poor Freddie's Tire Center on page 1 of Google in a search for 'queens tires'.

Strategy: SEO Important™ optimized all of the existing web pages and strategically placed keywords throughout the site. Titles, metatags and descriptions were created to include desired keywords. A link exposure plan was formulated and put into effect.

Results: Out of over 590,000 results, Poor Freddie's Tire Center is on page 1 in a Google query of 'tires queens'.



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