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Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether its Twitter followers or Facebook fan pages, social media is taking over! Along with the social media boom, one form of marketing that stands to benefit is SEO.

Twitter is a link sharing tool that has grown to the point where even tweets are popping up in Google search queries results. Facebook and Twitter have become very influential to the search engines. Facebook and Twitter's SEO influence is evidenced by the number of major companies who have Facebook pages and send out a steady diet of tweets. Jet Blue is a great example of using Twitter and the social media explosion to further their sales through special promotions and sales offered through tweets. Every link placed into your online profile becomes a potential Public Relations boost.

The connection between search engine optimization and social media is very close and is only getting closer as the search engines and the social web grow together. Search engines and social media both rely on cutting edge technology and the desire to stay relevant, so it only makes sense that together they form a strong bond. Users and site owners both reap the benefits of this partnership. Social media is a tool that must be used in an effect search engine optimization strategy. Organic links are hard to come by and social media provides those links that sites desire in order to be ranked higher by the search engine algorithms.Social media can be seen as another hook in the water. It is just another way that users can find you and adds another lane of traffic to your site. The more content you have on your site, the better the chances that you will grab more traffic from search engine queries. Users are more likely to return to sites that have dynamic content over sites that are static. Search engines recognize content shortly after its been published thus keeping search spiders alert.



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